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THE FILMI'm sure the prospect of another Southie-based story of petty criminals isn't enough to cause a stampede at the local video store. However, "What Doesn't Kill You," while stewing in the juices of unapologetic formula, is a more of a direct injection of stark criminal behavior punctuated by exhilarating performances and a soulful dedication to the moody rhythms of despair. It's a stunningly mounted peek into the tormented heart of a hoodlum, shunning pretense to capture the primal scream of temptation. Partners in crime since they were kids, Brian (Mark Ruffalo) and Paulie (Ethan Hawke) have spent their lives trying to make a quick buck, pulling off minor shakedowns and robberies to pay the mounting bills. With a distressed family at home (including Am...Read the entire review

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