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Plague Town:Plague Town starts fast and never lets up. The jaded horror critic may fight not to fall all over himself in slavish adulation of the latest indie favorite - in part because he's seen it all, and not much scares him any more - but Plague Town does pretty much everything right. As something of a Texas-Chain-Saw-Witch-Project-Has-Eyes kind of movie, there's not too many more precedents this horror could draw from in order to deliver the goods, but the welcome surprise is how original, assured and truly creepy Plague Town turns out to be.It is an economical story, brutally told, of a small Irish village trying to remove a curse. In the past, a woman labors, in shame. She's afraid to have her baby, and a presiding priest knows why. The baby is born, the priest raises an axe, and blood begins to flow. Coming to the present we meet a vacationing American family. They're jaunting in ...Read the entire review

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