The Show:Is comedy anime your thing? If so then I'm sure there are several shows in your collection which you'd consider to be a "go to" when you're looking for a chuckle. Many fan favorites top that list such as Azumanga Daioh and Excel Saga, but several other, lesser known shows are just as good. Take Lucky Star as one example. This series, which came out in 2007, gained something of a following on both sides of the ocean. The manga by Kagami Yoshimizu was a hit, and the anime proved to be a madcap and endearing recreation of the publication. It's unfortunate that this 24 episode series started out on a sour note under the direction of someone who didn't quite manage to pull it together. Thankfully after the first volume the show reset itself and the rest has been one hilarious adventure after another. In case you have missed the show, or were turned...Read the entire review

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