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There are a lot of cooking shows out there but very few a have child host. And why is that? Is it because of some ageist stigma in the kitchen? Actually, it's because the kitchen can be a very dangerous place for kids, what with sharp knives, whirling appliances, blistering hot ovens and all.

Of course, all that hasn't deterred Little Tommy... err, Tommy Little, who insists that 'even though the chef is Little, the flavor is HUGE!" Tommy dices, chops and slices his way dangerously through his favorite recipe in a series of hilarious cuts that... well, we won't spoil it for you but be prepared to wince. To all you little chefs out there, let this be a cautionary tale - wait 'till you can reach the blender before starting that culinary career, even if your pizza is delicioso!


  • via:// Reddit


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