The Movie:
Sequels are hard to do well. The audience expects them to be generally similar in tone to the original, but better, more exuberant, flashier, etc. Michael Hall does a pretty good job of sequelizing his low budget meta-slasher Kids Go Into the Woods: Kids Get Dead, and does make some significant improvements over the original. But this isn't a perfect movie.

Leah Rudick is back as Casey, the final girl from the first go around. She's married now, but still suffering from nightmares due to her experiences. She's obsessed with finding and punishing the killer of her brother and friends. To do so, she decides to track down the author of the book that caused all of the trouble in the first film, Charles Carver (Steve Buja). Carver's books seem to have the ability to shape reality, and now h...Read the entire review

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