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The Series:The BBC and HBO mini-series House of Saddam is the fascinating tale of a family's corruption and betrayals that is so rich and so riveting that yes, it did remind me, in many ways, of The Sopranos. It is a little too spotty and occasionally convoluted to quite measure up to the comparison, but like the best episodes of that series, Saddam sees through black-and-white ideas of evil to identify the kind of petty insecurities and raging egos that so frequently fuel a criminal empire. It is not a sympathetic portrait, not by any stretch, but it is also not a simple one. In the modern biopic style of Che or W., House of Saddam is not a comprehensive biography; it instead focuses on a few key moments, often leaving out the stuff that we're familiar with. The structure is fairly ingenious, as writers Stephen Butchard and Alex Holmes tak...Read the entire review

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