The Product: It's about time to put a moratorium on the mock documentary. You know, the Christopher Guest guided genre that sees "real" events and individuals satirized for the sake of an easy, ironic laugh. Since it first reared its insightful head circa This is Spinal Tap, the notion of taking a well traveled type and tweaking it via improvised recreation has garnered hits (Best in Show, Lollilove, Special Needs), and many, many misses. And like reality programming, it's one of the cheaper forms of filmmaking, especially when you consider the various production shortcuts used. Still, after two decades being deluged with numerous examples of same, the cinematic category appears spent - case in point: Confessions of an Action Star. While genial and quite clever at times, this talking head like look at the rise and fall of a dancer turned steely man of machi...Read the entire review

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