The Show:As one of the most twisted, brilliant shows to come along in a while Baccano! has been pretty successful for FUNimation. Joining the ranks of other more recent titles such as Claymore and Darker than Black, Baccano! is definitely one of the more unique and stylish titles we've seen in quite some time. This 16 episode show by Aniplex made some waves in Japan and it's only fitting that it receives similar critical praise here in the States. It's a complex series that will endear itself to fans of original storylines, fast pacing, interesting characters, and insane action. In all honesty the first couple volumes of this show left me feeling dizzy. This is most definitely not an anime you can easily take in with one viewing. There are many layers of complexity to the plot and the way everything is brought together will leave you missing som...Read the entire review

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