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THE FILM"A Plumm Summer" has been affectionately crafted by a group of individuals seeking to return an element of post-Walt humanity to family entertainment. The effort is welcome, and "Summer," while containing all the dramatic urgency of a "Dora the Explorer" episode, succeeds as something approachable for viewers of all ages, padded generously by a cast of familiar faces to maintain interest in the featherweight proceedings. It's the summer of 1968 and the "Froggy Doo" show is the must-see television program for children all over the greater Montana area, hosted by magician Happy Herb (Henry Winkler). For the dysfunctional Plumm family, the show is the only burst of joy in their lives, giving brothers Elliot (Chris Massoglia) and young Rocky (Owen Pearce)...Read the entire review

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