We took stress management expert Debbie Mandel to Grand Central Station to talk to people about their money stress, and this is the advice she gave to a bunch of circus clowns and others! Watch and enjoy, then add some movie tips of your own for our cinema therapy list. Read More »
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Filed under: Company NewsOn Wednesday, insiders reported that Hummer, the ailing General Motors (GM) marque, was being bid on by three separate groups. The potential owners, one of which is based in the United States, would take control of the brand, although GM would continue to produce the actual vehicles.How quickly time flies. It seems like only yesterday that India's Tata (TTM) and Mahindra Read More »
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Filed under: Economy, EarningsWal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) may have gotten hit by the Easter bunny (it is blaming today's weak sales report on a late Easter holiday), but it expects to rebound in April. Other retailers posted decent results today, indicating that depressed consumers are getting a bit more cheerful.Wal-Mart's March U.S. same-store sales, excluding fuel sales, fell 1.4 percent, below Read More »
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Monotony isn't admired by anyone, in any situation. At some stage, everyone looks for a change, and it is especially important when one needs to captivate someone or grabs his or her attention. Business world is led by marketing activities. Read More »
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